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Rolling Meadows Insurance Claim Lawyer for Life Insurance, Fire Insurance, and Accidental Death

Issues related to insurance coverage can often be very complex. In many cases, policyholders or people who are eligible to receive coverage may struggle to receive the benefits they deserve. In these situations, taking a problem to a lawyer may be a good way to gain some insight into the legal issues that may affect an insurance claim. At the law firm of Drost Gilbert Andrew & Apicella in Palatine, IL, we offer counsel to those who have questions about insurance laws. Our rates are highly competitive, and in many cases, we can even provide our services for a flat fee. People choose to work with us because we are locally based and provide our clients with individual attention. We offer free initial consultations and flexible appointment times.

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Life insurance

When a person maintains a life insurance policy that provides their loved ones with coverage in the event of their death, a family may rely on this coverage to ensure that they will be able to meet their financial needs. Unfortunately, insurance companies may deny life insurance claims for a variety of reasons, including material misrepresentations on an insurance application, lapses in coverage due to unpaid premiums, or causes of death that are not covered under a policy. We can help address these issues and ensure that family members receive the life insurance coverage they need and deserve.


Fire insurance

A homeowner or business owner may have insurance coverage that will address losses that occur due to a fire. When making a claim, a policyholder will need to make sure they receive the proper coverage that will allow them to replace property that was damaged or destroyed, repair damage to a building's structure, and ensure that a business is in compliance with the correct building codes and regulations.


General insurance

Our firm can assist with multiple types of insurance claims, and we work to protect our clients' interests and address any denials of coverage or attempts to limit the amount paid out. We assist with claims and coverage involving homeowner's insurance, auto insurance, business interruption insurance, professional liability insurance, and more.


Accidental death

Life insurance policies may provide additional coverage in the event of a person's accidental death, or an employer may provide benefits to employees to address a person's accidental death or dismemberment. To ensure that family members can receive benefits in these situations, our attorneys can help address any issues that may lead an insurance company to deny a claim.


Examination under oath

Most insurance policies include language requiring a person to submit to legal questioning after swearing that they will tell the truth. We can help policyholders or insureds prepare for these types of examinations while also providing legal representation and ensuring that a person's rights will be protected. We will help fight against any tactics that an insurance company may use during these examinations in an attempt to deny an insurance claim.


    Kenneth C. Apicella
    Founding Partner

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    Ken Apicella’s practice is concentrated in the areas of insurance coverage disputes, personal injury, employment, and civil litigation. Since earning his law degree from DePaul University College of Law and being admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1999, Ken has successfully recovered tens of millions of dollars for his clients through settlements and trials. In addition to cases here in Illinois, Ken has gone where his clients need him, handling cases on a pro hac vice basis before the courts in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Iowa, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Washington and Hawaii.


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