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Rolling Meadows Insurance Claim Attorney for Examinations by Insurance Companies

Insurance policies provide people and businesses with financial protections, ensuring that they will be able to address losses that occur in certain situations. However, when an insured makes an insurance claim, insurance companies will often be looking to take any possible measures to deny benefits or minimize the amount that is paid out. Examinations under oath are one tool that insurance companies will often use to gain information about the facts of a case and determine whether coverage applies. Those who are asked to take these types of examinations will need to understand their rights and the steps they can take to protect their interests, and they can do so by working with a lawyer who has experience in matters involving insurance claims and coverage.

The law firm of Drost Gilbert Andrew & Apicella provides legal help with claims under multiple types of insurance policies, including fire insurance, life insurance, and accidental death insurance. Attorney Ken Apicella works closely with clients throughout the claims process, helping them gather the necessary information, speaking to and negotiating with insurance companies on their behalf, and taking action to address any improper denial of benefits. With his help, you can be sure that you will be prepared to answer any questions asked by an insurance company while protecting your right to receive the benefits you deserve.

What Is an Examination Under Oath?

Most insurance policies contain language that permits an insurance company to require a policyholder or insured to participate in legal proceedings to gather information about a claim. An examination under oath, which is also known as an EUO, is similar to a deposition that may be conducted in other types of legal cases. An EUO will take place in front of a court reporter, and a person will be required to legally swear that they will provide truthful answers to the questions asked by the insurance company's lawyer. The answers provided during an examination will affect an insurance company's decision to provide coverage or deny a claim.

While the stated purpose of an examination under oath is to gain relevant facts that will inform decisions about coverage under an insurance policy, these examinations are often used by insurance companies to delve into the details of a person's life in an effort to find potential reasons to deny a claim. EUOs are only required in a very small percentage of cases, so if you have been asked to appear for an EUO, this means that the insurance company is taking a very close look at your claim. An insurer may ask a person to provide multiple types of documents, including income statements, tax returns, bank account statements, police reports related to a fire or theft, documentation of property that has been repaired or replaced, or medical records related to a person's death.

An examination under oath can be a very intimidating experience. Your answers to the questions posed by the insurance company lawyer during the EUO will determine whether your insurance claim gets paid. If your insurance company is taking your claim seriously enough to hire an attorney, you should too. A skilled lawyer can help a person gather all of the necessary documents and make sure they are fully prepared for an EUO, while also appearing with them at the examination to ensure that their rights will be protected.

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If an insurance company has requested an examination under oath after you have made a claim, you will generally be required to participate in this process. With the right attorney on your side, you can make sure you will be prepared for an examination, and you can also address intimidating tactics used by an insurance company or any other efforts to improperly deny your claim. Attorney Ken Apicella can provide strong representation during this process, ensuring that you will receive the coverage you deserve under an insurance policy. Contact our firm today by calling 847-654-9956 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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