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A person's unexpected death can cause a great deal of difficulty for their family. In addition to addressing the medical bills for treatment the person received before dying, a family may struggle to make up for the loss of the income the person would have earned. It also goes without saying that the sudden loss of a loved one can be emotionally traumatic, and the grief and sorrow that family members experience in these situations can affect their ongoing well-being. To help address these issues, a family may have an insurance policy that provides coverage in the event of a person's accidental death. Unfortunately, insurance companies may attempt to deny benefits by claiming that exclusions apply in a certain situation.

Families who have had an accidental death insurance claim denied have legal options for addressing this issue and ensuring that they will receive the financial resources they need as they recover from their loved one's death. By working with an attorney who is experienced in matters related to insurance, a family can hold an insurance company to their commitments and receive the proper benefits. At Drost Gilbert Andrew & Apicella, we can assist with these types of cases. Attorney Ken Apicella is highly skilled and experienced in matters related to insurance coverage and denied claims, and he can work closely with a family and help them take the right steps to receive accidental death benefits.

Denial of Accidental Death Claims

Regular life insurance policies will cover most cases where a person dies, including of natural or unnatural causes. However, some policies may include a rider or addendum that provides additional coverage in the case of accidental death. The benefits provided to a person by their employer may also include coverage for accidental death and dismemberment, ensuring that a family will be compensated in the case of an unforeseen death.

Because accidental death benefits will often exceed the benefits provided in a standard life insurance policy, an insurance company may perform an extensive investigation to determine whether a person's death was in fact accidental or whether it fell under any exclusions that were included in a policy. These companies will be looking for any possible reasons that coverage may be denied.

An accidental death claim may be denied based on multiple types of exclusions. Some of the most common denials occur because a company claims that the death was due to natural causes, such as medical issues or illnesses. Even if a person died in a situation such as a car accident, a company may claim that the accident occurred because the person had a heart attack or another health condition. Coverage may also be denied based on claims that a person committed suicide or died of self-inflicted injuries, that a person died due to an overdose of drugs or intoxication by alcohol, or that a person was participating in dangerous activities such as car racing, skydiving, bungee jumping, or scuba diving.

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The death of a loved one is never easy, but it can be much harder if a person was taken from their family unexpectedly and due to circumstances that were out of a family's control. When a person had an insurance policy to address this type of situation, their family members should be able to receive benefits quickly and easily, which will allow them to address their needs and move on during the difficult period of recovery. Unfortunately, it is not always easy for families to receive the benefits they deserve, and when an insurance company denies a claim unfairly and illegally, family members may be unsure about their options. Attorney Apicella can provide compassionate and dedicated legal help in these situations, and he will work to ensure that an insurance company will follow through on its legal obligations. To get legal help with these issues, contact our office by calling 847-654-9956 to arrange a free consultation.

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