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Rolling Meadows Insurance Coverage Lawyer for Denied Fire Insurance Claims

Homeowners and business owners rely on multiple forms of insurance to provide them with protection in case they suffer unexpected damage to their property. Fire insurance can be especially beneficial, since it can address the losses experienced because of damage to property within a building and ensure that repairs to a building's structure can be performed properly. Unfortunately, many policyholders experience problems when filing fire insurance claims. In some cases, an insurance company may refuse to pay for certain types of repairs or provide reimbursement for losses, or a claim may be denied altogether. Homeowners and business owners can take steps to protect their financial interests by working with an attorney who is experienced in addressing issues related to insurance coverage.

At the law firm of Drost Gilbert Andrew & Apicella, we provide clients with legal representation as they file insurance claims or address the denial of coverage by an insurer. Attorney Ken Apicella has assisted numerous clients with insurance-related matters, and he has helped them recover millions of dollars to address losses caused by fires and other issues. He will help you understand the coverage you are eligible to receive under your policy, negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, and make sure you take the correct steps to address damaged property and other financial losses.

Issues With Fire Insurance Coverage

A fire insurance policy will address all losses related to fires that occur in a home or business. Fires can lead to multiple forms of damage, including the loss of furniture, appliances, equipment, and other property within a building, as well as structural damage in a building's walls, electrical wiring, and water or gas pipes. An insurance policy that provides coverage for fires and fire damage should fully address all of the losses that occurred because of a fire.

When making a fire damage claim under a homeowner's insurance policy, a homeowner will want to make sure to fully account for all damages related to the fire. They will need to determine the value of property that was destroyed, including their personal possessions, electronics, and valuables such as artwork or collectibles. They may also need to address damage to heating and air conditioning systems, the costs of cleaning the parts of the home and belongings that have been damaged by smoke and soot, and the value of any home upgrades or improvements that were made since obtaining their insurance policy.

Business owners will need to address similar issues when making a fire insurance claim. They may need to determine the losses experienced because of damaged equipment or supplies, as well as the loss of business records or computer systems and the financial losses experienced because of the interruption of business due to a fire. When repairing or replacing damaged property, a business may need to make sure that the proper building codes and regulations will be followed.

Homeowners and business owners may face a number of difficulties when receiving fire insurance coverage. An insurance company may understate the value of damaged property or fail to fully pay for the costs of repairs. In some cases, a claim may be denied on the basis that the policyholder was partially responsible for the fire, or an insurance company may claim that a fire occurred because of an "act of God."

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Attorney Ken Apicella can offer invaluable legal help to homeowners and business owners who have suffered losses due to fires. He will work to ensure that the losses that occurred because of a fire are valued correctly, and he will address any attempts by an insurance company to deny or undervalue a claim. To schedule your free initial consultation, contact our office at 847-654-9956.

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